OTH is an older guild with mature players. We are a highly friendly, social and mature guild. In 2012 we started building up our raids for members to join and enjoy end-game moments.  We want to keep our raiding culture unique; something that we call “OTH Raiding style” – which means serious without the hardcore nonsense; relaxed and fun without drama.

We like positive learners because we are all learning together each raid so if you have questions please ask, but we don’t like lazy and careless raiders. The following are notes that raiders of OTH need to understand and follow!

We are not hardcore but we are serious about progressing and want to get the work done. Therefore raiders are required to understand their roles and classes.

  • Must do  ==> Role: Raid leader will provide strategy --> raiders need to pay attention to the strategy and understanding your own role's assignment.
  • Should do  ==> Classes: research your own class's necessary knowledge: like spell rotation, spec, gear stats, talent, glyphs, etc.

Raider need to be self-motivated to take care their own accessories:

  • Must do  ==> Gear: Gem – Enchanting
  • Must do  ==> make sure you have all helpful items for your role-class like: Flasks, potions (pre-pot), runes ..etc..
  • Should do  ==> bring your own role-class flasks, potions, rune ..etc..
  • Nice to do  ==> upgrade gear by doing extra activities outside raid like run instances, upgrade gear ilvl (if the patch support upgrade) 

Raiders of OTH come from a wide variety of backgrounds and ages.  We are nice and friendly people.  We require a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in our raids.

  • Should do  ==> raiders should be patient and focus during raid progression, including wiping.
  • Should do  ==> friendly, relaxed and have fun during raid.
  • DO NOT  ==> troll, be a drama queen/king, be greedy, act in a mean or critical way toward other raiders, use obscene language, or any other socially unacceptable behavior.  


  • Should do  ==> raider should sign up for events on the calendar as early as possible to help RL organize invites, roles and positions.
  • Should do  ==> committed raiders should let RL know if they will be unable to attend a raid.
  • Nice to do  ==> we encourage everyone who would like to raid with the guild to sign up on the calendar.  If you signed up and show up but are not invited to a particular raid, don’t worry your readiness to raid will be tracked on the potential raider list!

Potential Raider list

We are always working on increasing the number of members who like to participate in guild raiding activities.  We have a lot of members who want to join but haven’t able to yet.  Members of the potential raider list become eligible for promotion to the Raider rank.  If you would like to be on the list these are the things you should do:

  • Should do  ==> Sign up for raid events on the calendar and show up on time for potential spots.
  • Should do  ==> contact Raid Leader Cloud for information
  • Nice to do  ==> have met or exceeded all raider requirements and be ready when a spot opens.

Over The Hill Guild Raids Record

   >2016-2017 Legion

>> Antorus The burning Throne

  • 11/11 Heroic mode
  • 11/11 Normal mode

>> Tomb of Sargeras

  • 9/9 Heroic mode
  • 9/9 Normal mode

>> The NightHold

  • 10/10 Heroic mode
  • 10/10 Normal mode

>> Trial of Valor

  • 3/3 Heroic mode
  • 3/3 Normal mode

>> The Emerald Nightmare: 

  • 7/7 Mythic mode
  • 7/7  Heroic mode
  • 7/7 Normal mode

>2015-2016 WOD

>> HellFire Citadel Raid porgress: 

  • 2/13 Mythic mode
  • 13/13  Heroic mode
  • 13/13 Normal mode

>> Blackrock Foundry

  • 7/7 Heroic mode
  • 7/7 Normal mode

>> Highmaul

  • 7/7 Heroic mode
  • 7/7 Normal mode

 >2013-2015 MOP

>> Siege Of Orgrimmar

  • 14/14 Flexible mode 25man
  • 14/14 Normal (Heroic) mode 25man
  • 14/14 Normal (Heroic) mode 10man
  • 7/14 Heroic (Mythic) mode 10man
  • 7/14 Heroic (Mythic) mode 25man

>> Terrace of Endless Spring

  • 4/4 Normal (Heroic) mode 10man 

>> Heart of Fear

  • 6/6 Normal (Heroic) mode 10man

>> Mogu'shan Vaults

  • 6/6 Normal (Heroic) mode 10man

 > 2012-2013 Cata

>> Dragon Soul

  • 9/9 Normal (Heroic) mode 10man