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OTH is an older guild with mature players. We are a highly friendly, social and mature guild. In 2012 we started building up our raids for members to join and enjoy end-game moments.  We want to keep our raiding culture unique; something that we call “OTH Raiding style” – which means serious without the hardcore nonsense; relaxed and fun without drama.

We like positive learners because we are all learning together each raid so if you have questions please ask, but we don’t like lazy and careless raiders. The following are notes that raiders of OTH need to understand and follow!

We are not hardcore but we are serious about progressing and want to get the work done. Therefore raiders are required to understand their roles and classes.

Raider need to be self-motivated to take care their own accessories:

Raiders of OTH come from a wide variety of backgrounds and ages.  We are nice and friendly people.  We require a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in our raids.


Potential Raider list

We are always working on increasing the number of members who like to participate in guild raiding activities.  We have a lot of members who want to join but haven’t able to yet.  Members of the potential raider list become eligible for promotion to the Raider rank.  If you would like to be on the list these are the things you should do: